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Rapid Transformation Therapy RTT and Life Coaching to help you change and transform your life. reduce stress, build mindfulness, remove blocks, stop self-sabotaging, find peace, and stop anxiety.

This is Your Year toMake Shift Happen

Get to the root cause of your emotional struggles and gain the insights and tools you need for a more peaceful life with Guided Subconscious Therapy and Life Transformation Coaching.

Tools for Your Journey

Rapid Transformation Therapy

Hypnotherapy In Person
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Hypnotherapy In Person

Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT) can be called "Root Cause" therapy because the focus of RTT is to uncover the root cause of emotional, psychological, and even physical issues and transform negative beliefs and behaviors into positive ones. 

Transformation Coaching

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As a transformation coach, I empower you to make desired changes by guiding you in navigating your mindset, emotions, and behaviors and teaching you neurological and spiritual tools to help you reprogram your mind to better serve.

Mind Shift Group Coaching

Krystal leading a live vision manifestation workshop 2023

Invite me to your event, seminar, workshop, retreat, or social club to speak and educate. I discuss how change happens and where to start your journey of mind shift mastery, healing, and self-love.

Hello, I am Krystal Rose

I am a Mindset Shift and Life Transformation guide, certified in Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT), NLP, and Life Coaching.
Nearly 15 years ago, I started an intentional quest to end crippling depression and anxiety that I had suffered from since the age of 14. After more than a decade of searching for the keys to healing from trauma and sustaining a healthier and abundant mindset and practice, I finally learned the key piece to true life transformation. 
Thanks to subconscious therapy I was able to move past the root cause of my issues and reprogram my mind. I learned what mind shifts I needed in my life to break through and transform my mind and life. 
Maybe you feel like I used to. You are doing all the right things. You are open to change. You are ready for change. But something seems to be missing to create sustainable change.

The shifts I learned are accessible to everyone and thankfully they are becoming more mainstream in the science and psychology community. I combine my RTT, NLP, and Life Coaching training to create a customized program that guides you in navigating your subconscious mind, uncovering the root causes, and reprogramming your mind to feel happier, healthier, and at peace. When you feel better and have mastered how to think and make mind shifts you simultaneously create your desired dream life. I am here to be your guide.

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Start Here

Learn about how inner work and mind shift transformation coaching can help you change your life and manifest the joy, peace, personality, and abundance you have been wishing for.

Here is the formula for how your life is manifested

Your mind is made up of two parts: the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.

Your conscious mind is your active mind. It contains all of the thoughts and feelings that you’re aware of at any given moment. You use it to judge your environment and to make choices and decisions based on these judgments. We are aware of when our conscious mind is operating.


Your subconscious mind is part of your mind that is always functioning but you're not consciously paying attention to it. It's like a software program on a computer running in the background. We do not see the program but it is on and making the computer function. The subconscious mind is always awake, regulating all of your bodily functions, and it records and stores all of your experiences, thoughts, memories, and feelings. Over 95% of your brain’s activity takes place in your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind creates your life experiences (aka Your Reality). The subconscious mind is running the show whether you know it or not and regardless if you like it or not.

Your conscious experiences and influences imprint on and shape your subconscious mind, which in turn determines your personality traits and how you respond to future life experiences.

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Master Love

Self-love is the foundation you build your life. Start with strengthening your Self-Love with this free downloadable workbook.

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What People Are Saying


"I appreciate Krystal's tact in leading me to understand that I am responsible for my life. I now practice mindfulness daily".


"Krystal helped me to realize how powerful I am. I am thankful that I have someone like her in my corner".


"I was reluctant to try therapy so I worked with Krystal to help me get through personal blocks".

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What the Experts Say of Mindset Transformation:

"Our thoughts shape our reality. To change your life, begin by changing the way you think about yourself and the world around you." - Dr. Michael Smith, Psychiatrist

Mind Shifting Insights

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