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How I Help You

About Me

I have found that I have always enjoyed working with individuals whom I can learn from or whom I share a similar experience with. So in the interest of connecting with you on a personal level, let me just dive right into my back story. Before coaching, I spent the first ten years of my professional life crushing it in the corporate world. I took pride in earning a "high pressured" sales job, making six figures, and having a seemingly bright career ahead of me. I did everything the American society preached that I needed to do to be happy. I got the degree, the job, the husband, and the house, and I did so by age 27. I was obsessed with self-development and was continuously engaged or exploring self-improvement programs, leadership roles, and volunteer service in my community.

However, as well as my career was going on the societal spectrum of success, my personal life was on the opposite end of the wellness spectrum. My marriage was failing. I was battling several chronic health issues. I felt lost and would use alcohol to cope with my depression, knowing that it was counterproductive to overcoming my sadness.

A traumatic childhood fostered limiting beliefs, fears, and unhealthy views of life. In my early adult years, I struggled with suicide idolization and attempts. I didn't enjoy my life, I didn't like myself, I had low self-love, and I felt hopeless that I would ever feel better.
I made a scary decision to end my marriage and leave the only sense of safety I have ever known. I choose the path of the unknown, knowing that if I continued with the reality I was in, I would end up ending my own life and letting down all those who loved me.

As of today, ten years later, I am living a life that I am utterly passionate about, and have an astronomical amount of hope and gratitude for all aspects of my life. I am spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically transformed and I am empowered knowing that I know how to heal, evolve, and manifest a happy abundant life.

My life started to change when I became open to learning about healing modalities outside of traditional Western medicine. I learned that the subconscious mind is the most powerful part of our amazing body, mind, and soul and is the key to true, sustainable healing and happiness. The good news is that my healing modalities are growing popular in America, as science-based evidence backs the solutions.

What finally worked for me?
Once I started to explore my subconscious mind and understand how my interpretations of past experiences created my personality, mentality, and even mental illness, Then I could start to make the process and reprogram to make the shifts I needed to truly let go and grow.
I teach a course and do private training on how to "MAKE SHIFTS HAPPEN"

I want to highlight that combination of my NLP training, Hypnotherapy, and sacred plant medicine has accelerated my healing and growth process in a faster time compared to my other attempts over the last 20 + years. My passion for life has never been stronger and I strive to help others on their life journey to peace of mind. I will continue to be a student of healing modalities for the mind, body, and soul. 

As your personal coach, I will guide you with various subconscious mind therapy and teach you how to make the shifts you desire in your life happen. 

Are you ready?

Certified By:

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Master Life Coach.png
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Master Life Coach (1).png
Certifications & Licenses

Certified Hypnotherapist - Rapid Transformation Therapy

Financial Educator - National Financial Educators Council

NLP Practitioner - International Practitioner and Coaching Association

Life Coach - International Practitioner and Coaching Association

Executive Coach - International Practitioner and Coaching Association

Time Dynamics Practitioners - International Practitioner and Coaching Association

Master Transformational Coach - Transformation Academy

Master Life Coach - Transformation Academy

Master Mindset Life Coach - Transformation Academy

200 Yoga Teacher Training - Siddhi Yoga (IN PROGRESS)

Somatic Breathwork Facilitator (IN PROGRESS)

Jan 2010 to 2017

Jan 2013 - Present

Jan 2015 to 2017

Jan 2018 to Present

Transformation Coach

Guide clients in identifying root causes of stress, depression, and physical discomfort by using evidence-based practices, mindfulness, breathwork, inner work sessions,  NLP, and alternative practices. 

Educated families and individuals on the fundamentals of finances and how to become empowered to improve their financial health. Hosted workshops and devloped a program to guide financial transformation. Advised on insurance products that would protect financial assets, provide financial security to families incase of an unexpected death, and taught how to use insurance as an investment tool.


Created a digital marketing consulting business for start-ups and non-profit organizations. Evaluated current marketing plans and provided strategies and implementation. Work with businesses within the wellness industry. Crafted branding strategies, content creation, website design, and email marketing strategies. Assisted in the growth and engagement of social media audiences.

Solutions Consultant 

As a consultant on the sales team of a Fortune 500 company, I discussed marketing challenges and goals with our client's c-level executives, identified their value points, and developed solutions. Additionally, contributed to their B2B marketing content and had work published of

Business Development

Supported the acquisition of muli billion-dollar government, private, and public contracts in the aerospace and defense arena.

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