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Hello Beautiful

I am Krystal Rose a transformation coach for women seeking a change in their health and happiness. I am so glad you are here because our connection means you are seeking something in your life.


The wonderful thing about ourselves as human beings is that we already have the answers within us. In most cases, we just need a guide to help us uncover our answers. I want to be that guide for you.


Helping women to have to discover their unique code for health and happiness. To guide them during their journey and create real, sustainable transformation so they can live a life they love and deserve.

Krystal Rose About Me -krystal rose.png
Krystal Rose About Me -krystal rose (2).png


Through my personal journey with chronic depression, to surviving health issues and divorce I have been able to rebuild a life better than ever before. I did so by focusing on and strengthening my overall well-being foundation. This focus saved my life and I’ve been inspired to help women transform their own well-being. My mission is focused on guiding women in finding their Joy Code which is unique for each person.

About Me

I have found that I always enjoyed working with individuals whom I can learn from or whom I share a similar experience with. So in the interest of connecting with you on a personal level, let me just dive right into my back story. Prior to coaching, I spent the first 10 years of my professional life, crushing it in the corporate world. I had the typical "high pressured", stressful sales job, making six figures and having a seemingly bright career ahead of me. I did everything the American society preached that I needed to do to be happy. I got the degree, the job, the husband, and the house by age 27.

However, as well as my career was going on the societal spectrum of success, my personal life was on the critically ill end of the wellness realm. My marriage was failing, I was battling several chronic health issues such as pre-diabetes, anxiety attacks, chronic depression, insomnia, and on top of that I was using alcohol to cope with my problems. My personal and health problems were so overwhelming for me that I considered suicide as a way out. Luckily, I recognized two things that prevented me from following through with my deadly solution. One I recognized that I was not alone in my suffering. Many people, especially women, were as unhappy and unhealthy as I was, and hiding it. The second recognition was that there is so much more to life than what I was experiencing. I decided that I was going to get healthy, drop the things in my life that were toxic, and give myself the life I wanted and deserved. After I did that I decided to dedicate myself to helping others do the same. 

As of 2022, I happily live a life in control of my emotions, health, and finances. I have traveled to 18 countries in 3 years, I was one of the top sales agents in the country with one of the health-related businesses I work with and I continue to grow my coaching business. Even with my current growth in my new reality, it would be a disservice to omit that the road to this current status was not an easy one. I have had to unlearn generational trauma and disfunction, remove the limiting beliefs that society and the education system taught me, and learn new, healthy ways of managing my health and wealth.

My life started to change when I became open to change as well as foreign ways to create change. I learned that the root of all my health problems was attributed to compounding stress, an unhealthy diet, and of course, incorrect exercise, and most importantly, prescription drugs are not the only way to heal. I also learned that my mental well-being and professional success /or failures are attributed to my mindset and daily habits.

Since 2017, I have invested a large portion of my finances into my personal health, transforming my mindset, and personal self-development, and the dividends are outstanding. I confess that during the beginning stages of my transformation journey, I had access to many resources, coaches, and doctors who taught me many great methods and programs. However, I seem to continue to fall back into old patterns and feelings. 
After a few years of struggling to consistently implement what I was learning, I finally started to sustain the results I needed to transform my life. 

How did it finally work for me?

Luckily, my breakthrough is not due to rocket science, miracle drugs, or underground secrets. It is due to a method and a practice that I will continue for the rest of my life. I have taken my life lessons, the experience from my network of wellness professionals, and the expertise from my certification programs to create a method that can work FOR ANYONE. I continue to seek out alternative and advanced methods for reshaping the mindset and body from within. It is my honor to serve those seeking transformation in any aspect of life.

As your personal coach, I will teach you how to recreate a strong foundation that you can build the life you want and deserve.

Are you ready?


Certifications & Licenses

Financial Educator - National Financial Educators Council

NLP Practitioner - International Practitioner and Coaching Association

Life Coach - International Practitioner and Coaching Association

Executive Coach - International Practitioner and Coaching Association

Time Dynamics Practitioners - International Practitioner and Coaching Association

Transformational Coach - Transformation Services

Mindfulness Life Coach - Transformation Services

Licensed Life & Health Insurance Agent in California and Arizona

Guest Speaker

Courageous Wellness Podcast 

Women Empowerment Seminar

Jan 2010 to 2017

Jan 2013 - Present

Jan 2015 to 2017

Jan 2018 to Present

Wellness Transformation Coach

Guide clients in identifying root causes of stress, depression, and physical discomfort by using evidence-based practices, mindfulness, breathwork, inner work sessions,  NLP, and alternative practices. 

Educated families and individuals on the fundamentals of finances and how to become empowered to improve their financial health. Hosted workshops and devloped a program to guide financial transformation. Advised on insurance products that would protect financial assets, provide financial security to families incase of an unexpected death, and taught how to use insurance as an investment tool.

Marketing and Social Media Consultant

Created a digital marketing consulting business for start-ups and non-profit organizations. Evaluated current marketing plans and provided strategies and implementation. Work with businesses within the wellness industry. Crafted branding strategies, content creation, website design, and email marketing strategies. Assisted in the growth and engagement of social media audiences.

Solutions Consultant 

As a consultant on the sales team of a Fortune 500 company, I discussed marketing challenges and goals with our client's c-level executives, identified their value points, and developed solutions. Additionally, contributed to their B2B marketing content and had work published of

Business Development for Corporate America

Supported the acquisition of billion-dollar government, private, and public contracts.

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