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Morning Routine Ideas For A Healthy 2023

Why Is a Morning Routine Important?

Morning routines set the tone for your entire day. It allows you to take control from the moment you wake up, to ensure you are well-equipped to have the best day possible.

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What Can I Incorporate Into My Morning Routine?

There is power in adding just one mindfulness practice to your daily ritual, and how it can positively impact the rest of your day. Let’s go through some morning routine ideas that may be beneficial to you.

Waking Up Early

Remember the saying “the early bird catches the worm”? Waking up early may look different for different people. It may be setting your alarm 10 minutes before usual or an hour earlier.

Opening the Blinds

Exposing your eyes to natural light when you wake up is an easy and important step to add to your morning routine. Morning light is critical for producing hormones and regulating your circadian rhythm. The natural light will help wake you up, get you out of bed, and even prepare you for a good day ahead.

Staying Off Your Phone for the First Hour

For many, reaching for your phone first thing in the morning has become a habit. To avoid your phone sabotaging your day, try leaving your phone on the other side of the room and using an actual alarm clock. This can help avoid notification distractions and leave you more time to focus on your morning self-care.

Doing Yoga or Going for a Run

Starting your day with moving your body has a myriad of benefits. It helps wake you up by increasing circulation, releasing endorphins, and increasing the alertness and mental clarity needed to complete your to-do list.

Drinking a Big Glass of Water

Keep a full glass of water on your nightstand before going to bed so you can rehydrate and kickstart your digestive system right when you wake up.

Reading a Book

Taking a moment to read is a gentle way to wake up your mind for the day. Find something that sparks your interest and is enjoyable for you. This can be a book, magazine, poem, or anything that inspires you for the day.


Stretching is calming for the mind and beneficial for the body. It releases stagnation or “chi” built up in the body by promoting circulation and blood flow. It also just feels great!

Enjoying Your Coffee Outside

Imagine waking up making a fresh pot of coffee and sitting on your porch watching the sunrise. Talk about relaxing. Choosing to wake up early simply gives you the permission to sit and enjoy the one thing that you look forward to each morning.

Making a Nutritious Breakfast

You heard it a million times, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Kick start your day by fueling your body with a nutritious breakfast.

Crafting Your Daily To-Do List

Making a list of what it is you want to accomplish in the day will help lower stress and keep you stay organized on your daily tasks. You can make two columns, one being “must-do” and the other “would like to-do”. This is also a great way to ensure that you are not forgetting anything that needs to be done.


There’s a reason why mediation is recommended for every morning routine. It’s a great way to be present and for you to check in with your body before getting caught up in your day. The beauty of meditation is that there isn’t a wrong way to do it as long you are able to remain still and really focus your awareness inward.

The Bottom Line

Forming a routine in the AM that works toward supporting your goals will help generate feelings of accomplishment and fulfillment. It is beneficial to follow a daily rhythm that best suits you and your lifestyle.


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