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Empowerment comes from healing, education, tools, and the support of others. The Empow.Her with Love project is designed to inspire and enable the healing and growth of women in need of transforming their lives after a traumatic event or era of their life.

Krystal leading a live vision manifestation workshop 2023
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Self-love is the foundation of all the elements in our life such as family, career, spirituality, health, socializing, finances, and our environment. Learning how to build and strengthen our own self-love is the key to transforming our life with better relationships, improved finances, increasing our spiritual practice and health, and feeling more peaceful and fulfilled.

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Soul Wonderful Coaching provides a free virtual workshop and training for those seeking to build self-esteem, confidence, love, and the mindset to help them rebuild or evolve their life.

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Soul Wonderful Coaching provides self-confidence-building support from both an interior and exterior approach.



Participants can get one on one coaching, group coaching, and workbooks to aid in rebuilding self-confidence. 


Participants can get a complementary teeth whitening treatment from the Coco Blanc before a job interview or after completing a transformation program. 

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Co-Owner of the Coco Blanc

Depression & Trauma Survivor

Transformation Coach & RTT Hypnotherapist

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Founder and Owner of the Coco Blanc

Narcissist Abuse Survivor

Mother of 3

Jessica Rose started a mobile teeth whitening business in 2018 to create the financial means for her and her three children to escape an abusive and toxic marriage. In 2022, Jessica partnered with her sister Krystal Rose to open the Whittier location for the Coco Blanc Studio and Spas. The duo now has locations in Los Angeles and Orange County. In addition to managing two locations for The Coco Blanc, Jessica has trained and empowered 100's of women to create their own businesses and gain back independence.

Krystal Rose is a survivor of PTSD, chronic deep depression, a toxic marriage, and sexual abuse. She has been on a journey of self-development for more than 15 years and has overcome her mental and emotional battles. She now helps other women in their own healing journey by providing life transformation coaching, self-love coaching, integration therapy, and deep subconscious therapy.

She is a certified life coach, NLP practitioner, and hypnotherapy.

She is the owner of the Coco Blanc Newport studio in Orange County and created the Empow.Her with Love project to provide transformational tools and services to women in need.

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