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RTT Session Prep

In Person Session

  • For face-to-face sessions – Plan your commute accordingly giving you plenty of time to accommodate unexpected traffic. You will want to at least arrive 10 minutes in advance so that you are not rushing or stressed out.

  • Ideally, wear comfortable relaxing clothing.

  • Eat a sumptuous meal before as the session takes 1.5 hrs or more.

  • Switch off the phone or leave it in the car.

  • Stay calm and relaxed before the session – listen to soothing music, have a walk, take a shower/bath, say prayers, or meditate. Do whatever allows you to have a positive frame of mind expecting a successful experience.

Virtual Session

  • For online sessions via ZOOM – Please ensure that you are ready and prepared for the session 10 minutes in advance.

  • The suggestions above for face-to-face sessions are also true for you.

  • If you are not familiar with Zoom, please install & setup the program on your device in advance. Get familiar with it.

  • Test the audio/video facilities on your device ensuring good functionality.

  • Please use headphones. Test for good audio volume and clarity that I can hear.

  • Ensure the device is fully charged and plugged in.

  • Ensure your phone or any other device is switched off.

  • Choose a space that ensures privacy.

  • Communicate the need for privacy to others.

  • No pets in the room. Ensure they are being taken care of by someone.

  • Please consider and resolve any other possible disruptions in advance – doorbells, pets, family & children.

  • Choose a spot where you can lie or sit back. Use light coverings to keep you warm and comfortable. Bed or relaxing lounge.

  • Ensure adequate lighting that doesn’t glare into your eyes.

  • Set up and test your device is placed, to allow me to see your face and your body, at least down to hips.

  • Place a box of tissues next to the spot where you will sit. Getting emotional is normal and encouraged.

  • Very Important! Please Take Note: Please experiment and create this set up, well before the appointed time.

  • The ideal spot for your laptop is 30 degrees on either left or right of your hips and raised 20-30cms. higher than the body. You may require a stack of books, pillows, empty shoebox, tray table or a stand that allows this positioning.

  • If set up is done after the therapist starts the appointment and time is spent to figure this out, it compromises the therapist’s ability to provide you with her best quality work in your session & cuts short the time spent on your therapy.

  • If the therapist finds you aren’t prepared and ready to commence the session, she may need to postpone or reschedule your appointment for another day.

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