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Every journey starts with a single step krystal rose soul wonderful coaching

Where to Start

Sometimes we know we need something but we don't know exactly what we need or where to start. 

Writing a Diary

Self Exploration

Self-exploration can help improve self-awareness, self-esteem, communication, empathy, emotional self-regulation, and more. Developing a sense of self can be a powerful tool for living intentionally. You can try self-exploration on your own or in therapy.

Older woman in lotus pose by the sea

Self Improvement

Most people think of personal development as working on themselves to become better individuals. However, there are three aspects to personal development: physical, mental, and emotional. While you may automatically prioritize improving your mind and body, giving equal attention to all three areas is essential.

Holding Hands

Inner Healing

"Inner healing" is intended to help people find freedom from the emotional aftermath of harmful or traumatic experiences. Some inner healing techniques promote visualization and professional guidance in processing the visualizations. There are a number of modalities that can be used to aid in Inner Healing including Talk Therapy, Journaling, Meditation, Hypnotherapy, and occasionally plant medicine.

Man Carrying his Girlfriend

Mindset Shifts

A mindset shift involves reframing the way we think about our lives and our goals. It is an important tool for personal growth and development as it helps us to identify areas of our lives that need improvement and changes.

By understanding, adapting, and shifting your mindset, you can improve your health, decrease your stress and become more resilient to life's challenges

Resting on Wooden Bench

Life Coaching

 I will be your partner and guide in a customized process that incorporates evidence-based methodologies, exploration and shifting of the subconscious mind, and implementation of goals in order to maximize your personal, spiritual, and professional potential.

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Tools and Resources

As a member of Soul Wonderful Coaching, you will get access to new resources every month. You will also have the opportunity to join workshops, courses, group coaching, and 1 to 1 coaching. The resources I provide are 50% of the transformation part. Your willingness to do the work and consistent action and mindfulness is the other 50% where the transformation happens. 

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