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What is Hypnotherapy?

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Hypnotherapy is becoming more in demand as evidence continues to prove how transformative it can be in a shorter amount of time than traditional talk therapy*.

A Hypnotherapist will guide clients into a hypnotic state and skillfully navigate the subconscious mind with intention to making positive changes to thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. Guided imagery, suggestion therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy can be play a role in a hypnotherapy session.

As an internationally certified hypnotherapist, I can address a variety of issues, including anxiety, depression, phobias, and chronic pain.

Hypnotherapy can help individuals to gain insights into their thought processes, overcome limiting beliefs, and develop new coping mechanisms. 

*Hypnotherapists are equipped to navigate the subconscious waters, but we steer clear from diagnosing mental health disorders unless additionally credentialed to do so. Professionalism in the field demands knowing when to pass the baton to a specialized mental health professional.

Free Discover Call

A discovery call is a call where both the buyer and the seller discover if there is a potential fit for a business relationship. It is an opportunity for you to ask questions about their needs and goals to discern if you should progress them to the next stage of the selling process.

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