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Make SHIFT Happen Live Workshop

If you are feeling lost, overwhelmed, stuck, sad, unfulfilled, directionless, or apathetic you may be suffering from living a life unaligned or far from your passion or purpose. You are not alone!

It is easy to become confused about which direction to give your attention when you feel like you don't know yourself anymore, you are unhappy with your current reality, or you simply have no guidance, mentorship, plan, or support.

If you can relate to these feelings then this workshop is for you.

As a Transformation Life Coach, I help people understand who they are at their core, how they developed beliefs and mindsets, and then how to make shifts and obtain their desired results.

Krystal leading a live vision manifestation workshop 2023

The VISION workshop is for those seeking to understand how to manifest their goals and live a life that fosters joy, not stress. You will gain clarity, become unstuck, find motivation, and most importantly, make a plan to manifest your goals.

I believe you DESERVE the life you DESIRE and the way to get it is not to simply dream or hope. It is with self-awareness, alignment of vision with values, and action.

In this workshop, you will have expert guidance in identifying your goals (health, career, business, relationships, etc) and removing obstacles and limiting beliefs.

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Learn About the Subconscious Mind

The workshop starts with the foundation of manifesting. Our deep-rooted beliefs and our powerful subconscious mind create our current thoughts, fears, feelings, habits, and subsequently our reality.

I will not teach you how to manifest because we are ALREADY manifesting our day-to-day life. However, I will teach you how the subconscious works so that you can take control of manifesting and create a life you love and deserve.

Vision Accelerator Workshop Agenda January 2023 goal plan action.png

Gain Clarity

A good vision is one that is aligned with healthy and relevant core beliefs and values. I will help you get a clear image of what you want and need in your life and why. I will teach you how to create goals that are aligned with your values. I will help you understand if you have any values that are not serving you and how to change them.

When you understand your values and vision you can create goals that you can actually meet and achieve your vision.

I will teach you a variety of ways to create goals and how to stay accountable.

creating vision boards at the vision worksop


Intentional manifestation includes having a visualization of your target. When you have an image of your destination and can actively embody the elements necessary to achieve your goals. You will create a tangible visualization with materials provided by Soul Wonderful during the workshop. You will walk away with not only a plan but also a beautiful inspiration board that will help you stay on track.

All Attendees Receive:

Vision Planning Workbook

5-hour Vision Planning Sessions​

Meal Served at 1:00 pm, drinks, and snacks

1- 30 minute Private Coaching Session with Krystal

Access to group support for one month

Limited to 7 Attendees

General Admission is $88

Can't Attend the Live Workshop?
Try Virtual.

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