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Wellness Coaching

Do you have difficulty concentrating and making decisions? Sleeping problems, headaches, body pains, stomach problems? What about the worsening of chronic health problems and mental health conditions?

These days, a lot of us find ourselves living in a chaotic and demanding environment. Add the overwhelming societal pressure to consume products, the constant political turmoil, the uncertainty of the fluctuating economy, drastic environmental changes, and now the worldwide pandemic of Covid-19 we have a sure-fire recipe for poor health and lifestyle. My wellness coaching can help get your mind and body on track to managing your wellness journey.


Travel is an adventurous way to empower, to enlighten, and create life long memories. However, when you travel with the intention of increasing your mental, emotional, and maybe even physical well-being travel becomes an amazing tool for inner transformation. Many people use travel to escape their issues. My customized tours and retreats provide you with an opportunity to reflect and overcome your challenges in a new environment.

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Financial Coaching

Is your credit score, lack of savings, financial debt, or overall financial health causing you stress or keeping you away from meeting your life goals? You are not alone AND I can help you get to where you need and want to be financially.

Stress Reduction Coaching

Did you know human beings actually need stress in their life? The problem is that high-stress levels can lead to negative consequences with your emotional, physical, behavioral, mental, and cognitive wellbeing. I can help teach you the importance of managing your stress and how to do it.

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Female Presenter

Guest Speaker

Do you have a workshop, conference, or seminar and seek a professional with insight on mindset shifts, managing depression, transformation, or the importance of wellness? Connect with me to see if I would be a good fit for your event.