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About the Program

If I to had to choose the most important takeaway from the height of the COVID 19 pandemic experience it would be that "WELLNESS IS EVERYTHING". Wellness includes physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, social, and environmental health. These elements combined make for holistic wellness.

These days, a lot of us find ourselves living in a chaotic and demanding environment. Add with the overwhelming societal pressure to consume products, the constant political turmoil, the uncertainty of the fluctuating economy, drastic environmental changes, and now the worldwide pandemic of Covid-19 we have a sure-fire recipe for poor health and lifestyle.

While it may not seem like there is a lot we can't control, there is one very important thing we can control- it's our overall wellbeing. In my effort to help women take control of their wellness by being an active participant in managing and improving their overall well-being have created a new program that provides the support, guidance, and resources desired to ignite a shift into your wellness journey. This program is called Launch into Wellness.

A Shift in the Mind

A Shift in Your Mind

A healthy, optimized mindset is the key to a better life. Learn how to manage stress, reduce anxiety, how to meditation, improve habits, and increase joy.

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Coach Krystal Rose launch into wellness shift in the body.png

A Shift in Your Body

Improve your energy, mode, focus, and physical and mental well-being by altering current habits and understanding of your physical body.

Why is this program for you?

Those suffering from anxiety, stress, depression, feeling stuck or feeling lost, those who want a change, those who want help and support with achieving goals, those who want to be healthier, those who want a coach, and those who want to connect with like-minded people, those who want to learn about alternative ways to healing and health, etc.

What is Your Investment
in Your Wellness?


There will be virtual attendance and homework to participate in throughout the program. Change happens when you put in the work, so plan on digging in. There will be at least 2 hours a week with the tribe in a virtual group session in addition to time spent on personal work.


Not only do you need to show up to sessions (externally) but you need to show up emotionally and mentally (internally)


Energy comes in money forms, and one of them is money. Money is just energy being exchanged for what you want and need. This program is created and hosted with love and a lot of background work. You will speak with experts and have access that was built over many years. In exchange, we ask for $160 for the 30-day program and $300

for a 60-day program.


We are asking all interested individuals to apply for the program. This is a challenge to see how dedicated you are to launching your wellness journey and being an engaging participant for the rest of the group.


Week 1

Intro to Program, Program Expectations

Introduction to Holistic Wellness

Human Needs

Self Check-In

Introduction Mindfulness 

Setting Goals

Mindful Exercises (Homework)

1 on 1

Week 2

Self Check-In

Sustainable Wellness

Cycles and Titles 

Needs and Identity

Introduction to Meditation

Mindful Exercises (Homework)

1 on 1

Week 3

Intro Mindset Transformation

Triggers & Roadblocks


Creating Change

Course Checkin

​Mindful Exercises (Homework)

1 on 1

Week 4

Meditation Practices

Next 30 Days Plan

Goals Adjustments

Small Steps Sustainable Progress

​Additional Resources

1 on 1

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