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In our life's journey, we will have many diverse experiences that are challenging, enlightening, toxic, dangerous, joyful, and more. These experiences are a  guaranteed part of life and necessary for growth. Retreats have become a popular method in the wellness industry to help people step out of their reality and focus on something important. I have traveled to more than 20 countries and as an avid traveler and wellness coach, I know the value of stepping back from ordinary living to take time to renew, reflect, and recenter one's life. I have created several international and stateside mini-retreats that are designed for self-reflection, connecting with your soul, building confidence, gaining tools to reduce stress and increase joy, and ultimately adding a life-changing experience to your journey. If you are seeking something, let's step out of your environment and grow through travel. I am honored to be your guide.

Meditating in Nature

Inner Work Retreat: Peru July 2022

This retreat is designed to be a journey of healing using the plant medicine Ayahuasca. The retreat includes a shaman/facilitator that utilizes Ayahusca to release the energies of suppressed emotions, confront our belief systems, and examine our shadow, the hidden aspects of our nature we do not want to acknowledge. 


Soul Wonderful Tour: January 2023

Explore the exotic environment of Thailand while practicing mindfulness, opening your mind to a new experiences, culture, food, and helping the locals.