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All of September, You Could Win
Free, Professional Transformational Coaching

We are all on a journey. One thing we all have in common is that there are challenges throughout our life. Some challenges we are facing or that we have gone throw can make it difficult for us to function, heal, and grow.


My transformational (life and self-healing) coaching is designed to serve you with love and guidance in finding your way, making sense of events and thoughts, creating real change, and meeting your goals.

Perhaps you are seeking an unbiased soundboard for something going on in your life. Maybe you recognize that your past is holding you back from the future you want. Or, you may be feeling lost and alone. Regardless, coaching can help.

Previous work with clients includes:

  • Identifying the root cause of behaviors, thoughts, and habits.

  • Learning how to reduce stress

  • Identifying toxicity within self and environment

  • Developing healthy habits and mindset

  • Improving financial management

  • Job Coaching

  • Increasing self-love

  • Learning mindfulness techniques

  • Improving health

  • Finding joy in life

  • Improving relationships with partners

If you cannot currently afford professional coaching or want to try a new method for healing enter the form below to win one of several coaching gifts. 

Gift #1 Two months of Transformational Coaching* (1 winner)

Gift #2 One month of Transformational Coaching* (1 winner)

Gift #3 Two Sessions of Transformational Coaching* (5 winners)






*Coaching by Krystal Rose (Soul Wonderful) is not a replacement for medications, a therapist, a psychiatrist, or the guidance of a medical professional. Indications or admission of suicidal thoughts or plans will be followed by a recommendation to see a doctor immediately or support in contacting medical professionals.

How to Win Gift Away - life transformational coaching
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