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The 8 Dimensions of Wellness

There are roughly eight Dimensions of Wellness*  as defined by Dr. Peggy Swarbrick. Those dimensions are Emotional, Environmental, Financial, Intellectual, Occupational, Physical, Social, and Spiritual.  The wellness industry promotes finding balance amongst all the elements which does make sense scientifically and in theory. However, if I am allowed to speak from experience, finding "balance" is TOUGH.


It is tough because some dimensions are difficult to address during different stages in our lives. Some dimensions may be more difficult than others because our mindset was crafted as a child and through our family traditions and beliefs which may not be aligned with the best way to address our wellness journey. 

Yes, there are a lot of obstacles that may challenge us in reaching and maintaining balance in the eight dimensions. 

Luckily, you do not have to hold yourself to the standard of finding the balance between all eight dimensions. Instead, I encourage you to focus on the elements that will create a strong foundation for your lifelong wellness journey and then add on the layers of dimensions that uniquely serve you in being. 


Wellness definition:

A conscious, deliberate process that requires a person to become aware of and make choices for a more satisfying lifestyle. - Piggy Swarbrick

Wellness is:

A spectrum

A mind-body connection

A lifelong journey

Wellness is not:

Not a one size fits all

Not a destination

Not a solo journey

*8 Dimensions of Wellness are defined by Dr. Peggy Swarbrick 2002

Let's dig deeper into the eight dimensions



Our bodies are made to move. You want to incorporate physical activity, sleep, recovery, and avoid toxins that hurt your organs, brain, nerves, skin, etc. 

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Financial stability is essential in many ways. Knowing how to budget, living within your means, and having financial security. Healthy finances can lead to less stress by providing a sense of security, flexiblitly, and independence. 



Awareness and understanding of your emotions and the sources of your emotional responses will enable you to have more control of your overall stress levels and happiness. Emotions include self-worth, confidence, fear, anxiety, joy, etc.

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A healthy, well-balanced diet that achieves a regulated gut, adequate vitamins, and appropriate water intake to allow your body to perform and maintain functionality. Proper nutrition can also support the prevention or reduction of diseases, mental health, energy, and focus.



Personal satisfaction, enrichment, and growth via career, education, and lifestyle choices such as hobbies and interests. 

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Connection is important to being content. Having a well-developed support system and having soul-satisfying relationships while avoiding toxic ones can foster happiness, a sense of belonging, purpose, and security. 



Having a sense of purpose in life and or being a part of something bigger than yourself feeds your soul. Aligning your professional and personal life with your beliefs and values is important. 

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Spending time in pleasant, supportive, and stimulating spaces and groups that support a healthy lifestyle. Your home should be a place for security, safety, relaxation, and love. If you have a toxic work environment you should seek to improve it or find a new environment.

Discovering your Joy Code is a journey.

I can assist you in your journey

in the following ways:

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1-1 Coaching

Sometimes you just need someone on your side to help you get through the challenging times and prepare yourself to receive all that life has to offer. Get personal time, custom plans, and accountability with one on one coaching. 

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There are many ways to learn, heal, and grow. Choose a way that works for you. find out more about my current offerings.

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Free Resources

I am always creating new resources with industry insights and evidence-based research. Subscribe so you can get the latest information and details.

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Seminars and workshops are a great way to start or enhance your wellness journey. Stay on top of the latest events that resonate with your growth plan.

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